53 Owen Street, Craiglie
Port Douglas QLD 4877

Phone Louise: 04 096 439 70
Email: info@lousfitness.com.au



Welcome to Lou's Fitness, a fun and relaxed place for men and women to exercise.

My philosophy has and always will be that exercise should be fun and not a chore, the day that I stop enjoying teaching will be the day I stop for good. All the classes are structured to motivate through music and fun, easy to follow choreography, with all classes having hi/low options for your fitness level.

Whether you are new to fitness, returning from injury, illness or just a long break, Lou's Fitness will have something for you which I know you'll enjoy. look forward to seeing you!!

I started teaching group exercise classes over 20 years ago and have always had a dream to one day open my own class studio where men and women can come and work out in an environment that feels like home.

My studio is fully insulated with large industrial wall mounted fans surrounding the entire room. It has toilet and shower facilities, tea, coffee and lounge area, water cooler and a child's enclosed play area that caters for ages 1-5.

Of course all children are welcome here and for the older ones they are able to relax in the lounge area and still watch Mum and Dad work out.